A library for building statically-typed React UI components using Dart.

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Watch the OverReact library reveal at Dart Summit 2016:
Getting the most out of React in Dart

The best of both worlds.

The over_react library delivers the declarative awesomeness of React and all the creature comforts of Dart in a single package!


Make components;
not boilerplate.

The over_react library makes use of a powerful Pub transformer to wire up a factory and React component class , along with props and optional state classes, so you can focus on building UI that your consumers — and customers — will love.

over_react UI component boilerplate markup example

Who doesn’t love

Consuming a large React UI component library can quickly become tedious when confronted with a never-ending selection of string prop keys that you have to dig around for.

With over_react, that same React UI component library and all of the component props become a powerful weapon - wielded more effectively via IDE autocomplete!

over_react UI component IDE auto completion example